Data missing in dump (primary keys)

I dumped a database with some tables in it. Those tables reference records in each other by referencing the primary key. However, those are missing when I do a dump resulting in me being unable to import the dump.

This is what is in the dump:

    scan_id INT8 NULL,
    name STRING NULL,
    UNIQUE INDEX domains_scan_id_idx (scan_id ASC, name ASC),
    INDEX name (name ASC),
    FAMILY "primary" (id, scan_id, name)

As it can be seen, the “id” field is there in FAMILY, but it is not defined. Also, when going to the insert statements:

INSERT INTO names (scan_id, name) VALUES
    (470084618771955715, 'name name 1'),
    (470084618771955715, 'name name 2'),
    (470084618771955715, 'name name 2'),

The “id” column is just not there. But as you can see the “scan_id” references to a id from another table, so it is quite problematic that they’re not there.

I am relatively new with CDB and I usually work with MySQL, so it is highly possible that there is something I have misunderstood.

Hey @fblue,

Can you provide me with the DDL for all of the tables?

You can do so by executing this SQL query: show create table <tablename>;