Data synchronization exception

Server version: CockroachDB CCL v1.1-beta.20170907 (linux amd64, built 2017/09/07 20:43:25, go1.8.3) (same version as client)

Save one first and check the total number immediately
The number of queries found is not the same as expected
Occasionally, I did not reappear afterwards

This looks like it could be a bug, but you’re going to need to tell us more about what’s going on. Can you provide a complete test case that we can run? What is the expected value (and i) at the time of the exception? What’s going on in Finder, fwlogService, and fwlog? What is the schema of the table and the exact queries being run? (if your cockroach server is in insecure mode a tcpdump of port 26257 would be great) The table is not empty at the start of the test; what are those first count entries? Does it still fail if you have an empty table when starting this part of the test? Is SecUtils.getUUID using a cryptographically strong random number generator?

I’m using springjdbc
When I test, there is already data in the table, not an empty table
I use a variable to represent the expected total number of entries, and compare them to the database query.Save one, add 1, variable and compare the total number of queries with the database
I’m using the insecure mode, and the nginx proxy is four nodes.
Fwlogservice is the service of the test, which is used to hold the fwlog entity class
SecUtils.getUUID is to get a UUID
This is an accidental result, I have been running again, there has been no error, it should be data synchronization instability
I’ll sort out all the test code if needed, but it should be hard to reproduce