Database Copy from one DB to another DB

Hello group!

This is a quick question on the new process of importing CRDB’s. Currently using-- Build Tag: v21.1.2

Backup database to minio works without issues
restore database from minio works with issues.

Question is this: Is there a way to restore/import/etc one database name to a new database with the same data? We have a production and development db and want to (every once-in-a-while) remove the dev db and recreate it with the production db so ensure all is good.


prod = production db
dev = dev db

want to remove dev db and import prod data into a new dev db

Thank you!

Please disregard. We got this working by restoring the “source” tables into a new DB (dev).

Thank you.

Hi Alex,

Glad you were able to solve this. Also, welcome to our community! Hope to see you around (and in Slack!) :slight_smile: