Developer friendly licenses

The contact page and current enterprise license seems to be mainly focused on larger companies trying to migrate or start a new project using CockroachDB, including architectural advice and consulting by Cockroach Labs.

My use case seems a bit different though. I would like to use Cockroach for some hobby projects, mainly things like a small CMS or blog, nothing fancy. My main goal is to explore the technology. I do work at a consulting company and like to be familiar with the products myself. Some of those “hobby projects” might be deployed later, and some of them might even be used commercially, but none of them will really make any money.

The community version is great and I really like the simple deployment (one binary) and integrated monitoring and dashboards. However, I am also interested in some enterprise features: For example, using secondary indices with fixed lease holders seems to be a good idea for reducing latency, even for low-traffic personal websites, Also the option to do efficient binary backups seems to be an essential feature, especially when you want to also store binary files / uploads directly in CockroachDB for simplicity.

So, is there any license option for developers like me? I do not mind paying and I would like to support the project, but not having any prices visible even for small projects makes Cockroach rather unattractive (assuming its “you will never be able to afford it”).

I guess what I am looking for is a “hobbyist license”, which grants one individual developer the permission to operate a single cluster with up to 3 nodes, including all enterprise (except the enterprise support).

Do you have plans to offer such a license or something similar?