Differences between CockroachDB and MySQL

Original poster: Lakshya Kumar

I want to know the main differences between CockroachDB and Mysql with explanation , Please help me out. As I have already looked at this link https://www.cockroachlabs.com/docs/cockroachdb-in-comparison.html in front of Mysql only NO is written so I want to know the reason for that.

And one more thing I want to ask is that - Whether the CockroachDB provides join operation among the Transactions or not . If not then why?


@andrei can you paste your answer from the google-group here?

Generally the reason why MySQL has a bunch of NOs in that comparison table is that it’s not a distributed database, and a bunch of rubrics are about distributed features which simply don’t apply.

Purely from a SQL interface perspective, there’s surely a bunch of differences in the syntax of various statements, particularly the MySQL extensions on top of the standard ANSI SQL. We do support some of them (EXPLAIN SELECT, SHOW), but I’m sure there’s lots we don’t.
We also don’t support more advanced SQL features yet, like stored procedures, cursors, sequences, window functions, savepoints.

MySQL’s SQL execution engine is in some ways more advanced than ours, has better algorithms for JOINs (our initial implementation is naive), can deal with memory budgeting and use external storage for query processing. We don’t have such features yet.