Different OS (Debian and MacOS) in same cluster


First experience with CockroachDB. I started a cluster of 4 debian machines which went well. Thought I would try to add some macOS nodes but they didn’t join the cluster (0 replicates) within 5 minutes. Started the macs in their own cluster and that went well.

I could have done something wrong. I did see some log problems with name resolving but retried with IP numbers, but this did not solve it in this first attempt.

Is there any known issue running on heterogeneous OS cluster?

I’m not aware of any reason this shouldn’t work, but it is not something we’ve tested. I’d actually be very surprised if there is some problem that prevents heterogeneous OS clusters from working. More likely is that there is something else going on (as alluded to by the name resolution log messages).

Manage to get a debian join the mac cluster, so I guess you’re right. I must have been holding it wrong :wink:

The problem is related to different behaviour for name resolving on the two OSes and prob. my setup.

I am getting non-working behaviour if I use --host (on linux) and the is defined as localhost in the host file. It will bind to that. If I don’t use it it will use “FQDN” and this will work.

My mac was configure to a wrong FQDN and this would not resolve for peers. But it did seem to bind.

I can get same behaviour by using forcing (internal) DNS --host name.domain on both OS.

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