Does CockroachDB support cross-region communication

Source: Issue #273

Does CockroachDB support cross-region communication?

Response from @bdarnell:

We support cross-region communication (as long as your firewall rules are set up to allow it). However, we don’t currently handle high-latency networks very well, so we recommend only using regions on a single continent for now.

Docs: Configure Replication Zones, specially the Node/Replica Recommendations

Hi @jesse - can you please elaborate about “as long as your firewall rules are set up to allow it”?

Do you require that all the nodes (even cross-region) are IP accessible to each other? Or is it possible to have a VPC on each region, with one load-balanced IP for roaches from each region to talk to each other?
(meaning - within a region all roaches can see each other, but to access roaches on another region they have a single IP they use which points to a random roach on the other region).


Hi @shimson. It’s the former. Each node currently needs an address that
every other node can use to talk directly to it. We’ll certainly need to
support some more complicated setups as we scale clusters to many thousands
of nodes (we currently have an N by N problem) and as operational
requirements dictate. If you have particular requirements for how you’d
like this to look, please file an issue with details of your desired setup,
which we’ll reference later when we’re gathering requirements.

Thanks for the prompt reply!