Does CockroachDB support HSTORE natively?


We have a python app using sqlalchemy, running on postgres. I wanted to check if there is an easy way to move from postgres to CockroachDB. But when trying to bootstrap the schema through the sqlalchemy wrappers, we get weird syntax errors

sqlalchemy.exc.ProgrammingError: (ProgrammingError) syntax error at or near "hstore"

like this. Has anybody tried running such things through the cockroachdb python adapter?

Hi @srinathgs,

Have you taken a look at the Build a Python App with SQLAlchemy docs? We also have a working example of using SQLAlchemy with CockroachDB:

Based on the error message, sounds like you’re using an hstore column; unfortunately, CockroachDB doesn’t support hstore columns. We are, however, getting JSON support in 1.2, which might meet your needs for storing semi-unstructured data.