Duplicate node ID on cloned server

Hi everyone,

I have a cloned fully setup Linode that was supposed to be a fourth CockroachDB node added to an existing cluster. I’ve cloned the server that hosts the third node and changed the node key and certificate.

When trying to connect to the existing cluster, using a new private IP on the --advertise-host flag, I always get a message that node 3 (the one which was cloned) was restarted and the fourth node is never created. Has anybody had similar issues? How do I delink a cloned server, so it doesn’t point to node 3?

Any help would be appreciated

Hi @kresic.ivan,

The nodes maintain their identity by looking in their cockroach-data folder. If you remove that folder and start up the node it will have a new identity. Once it’s joined, data will be rebalanced to it as appropriate.


Hi @justin,

thank you for the quick reply, much appreciated!