Egregious error on Wikipedia concerning CockroachDB!

Was researching stuff for my Masters’ project about databases (for genomic research) and I came across this page

In the section marked

"Distributed non-relational databases", it has

“CockroachDB” - 5th entry!!

This is totally incorrect - while the underlying layer might be a KV store, the CRDB system is very much relational - that’s its whole raison d’être - NewSQL and all that! This page seems to have things correct!

Somebody might like to edit the entry (I can’t remember my wiki password and am too tired to go through the rigmarole of either signing up again or retrieving the password from an account whose password (guess what?), I’ve forgotten! :blush:



Thanks for the alert. Unfortunately, Wikipedia has a strict policy about biased / affiliated parties editing entries about themselves. We have to leave it to the universe to submit a correction, lest we risk getting CockroachDB banned from Wikipedia.