Error: driver: bad connection while restoring from dump

I had to restore the data from dump file, but faced this problem.
Error: driver: bad connection

The CRBD version is 2.1.6
It happens every time and looks like when specific line of dum file is reached. How to fix that?

Please include the logs from CockroachDB. This might indicate a crash.


You can download logs here

The logs indicate that you sent an interrupt (control c) to the server, but perhaps something else is going on. What’s the line that fails the import every time that you mention?

Yes, for easy testing I launched local server run dump load and after it fails I stop server (ctrl + c).
It’s difficult to say which line causing this problem, the dump file is about 600 MB

@rooty, did you find any solution to the problem? I am also facing the same issue when restoring dump. I had to convert INSERT block of 100 into row by row single insert and it worked.

No, I didn’t
But thank you for tip. How did you convert to single insert? Is there any param for dump?