Excessive amount of storage space in the auxiliary/checkpoints directory

After a rolling update from 2.1.6 to 19.1.4 on six nodes, I observe a daily increase of storage capacity. Looking a bit deeper into the storage space I found an auxiliary/checkpoint directory with more than 2 GiB on each node.

How can I get rid of this problem?

Hi Giovanni,

From these release notes.

  • Fixed a potential source of (faux) replica inconsistencies that can be reported while running a mixed v19.1 / v2.1 cluster. This error (in that situation only) is benign and can be resolved by upgrading to the latest v19.1 patch release. Every time this error occurs, a “checkpoint” is created which will occupy a large amount of disk space and which needs to be removed manually (see /auxiliary/checkpoints). #37722.


Hi Matthew,

does it mean I can delete all the auxiliary checkpoints manually?

Let me make sure it’s safe, in the meanwhile i’ve responded to your other thread.