Failed running "dump" on v20.2.10


While I’m backing up the database, the error message comes along with cockroach dump

Error: unknown timestamp type: 2020-03-31 15:54:16 +0000 UTC, created_at: timestamp with time zone
Failed running "dump"

the current version is v20.2.10 but the data was inserted on v2.0.7.

I upgraded from v2.0.7 to v20.2.10 version by version using docker image.

the data type is TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE .

Any one knows how to fix this?

This sounds like a bug to me. Do you mind filing an issue with repro steps in the cockroachdb repro?

Sorry it’s my mistake. Didn’t notice the backup machine running on v2.0.7 too. It’s ok after I upgraded to v20.2.10. Thanks!

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No problem. Thanks for clarifying. And we always love to hear when problems are solved!

Also, welcome back. Hopefully it’s not a whole year before we hear from you again. You’re always welcome to pop in and say hi (or visit us on our slack channel!) :slight_smile: