Failed running "dump"

I’ve been successfully running backups for over a year, and then noticed that the backups stop finishing. Unfortunately i’m not sure if this started after an update or not, by the time i noticed it had been broken for an unknown period of time.

/usr/local/bin/cockroach dump labs --certs-dir=/var/certs --host= | bzip2 > dump.sql.bz2
This fails with the message

Error: type 4 is not a valid CockroachDB type
Failed running “dump”

All the table schemes are in the dump file, as well as what appear to be the complete dump, all the inserts, of the first table. maybe it doesn’t like something with the next table, in alphabetical order?

CREATE TABLE actions (
id INT NOT NULL DEFAULT unique_rowid(),
bot_id INT NOT NULL,
action_name STRING NOT NULL,
action_type INT NOT NULL,
INDEX idx_actions_bot (bot_id ASC),
FAMILY “primary” (id, bot_id, action_name, action_type, attributes)

Any thoughts on this? or something else to try to debug?

Thank you for your report.
Are you using a cockroach binary to run cockroach dump that is the same version as the server? If not, please try again with a same-version binary.

Otherwise, this is clearly a bug somewhere in CockroachDB which we would like to investigate.

Please file an issue on github and provide a copy of the output for the following query:

select * from information_schema.columns 
where table_catalog = 'labs' and table_schema = 'public';

Thank you in advance

Thank you for your reply.

To your question, yes the versions all match.

I created an issue on github here

Since the issue has been solved (see linked github issue) let’s mark this topic as such. Thank you again for reporting!