Feature Request - Support for Prisma

I am very interested in CockroachDB and Prisma, but currently Prisma does not support CockroachDB, even though there is a lot of requests for it based on their Github Issues section. Do you guys have any plans to collaborate with Prisma to bring support of CockroachDB over there? I think it would be awesome for GraphQL users who uses Prisma for their data access layer.

Hi @freetoplay,

There has been an outstanding issue in the Prisma repository for a little while about this: https://github.com/prisma/prisma/issues/1705. It appears that people have been successful at getting CockroachDB and Prisma working together, but that the support hasn’t been merged into a Prisma release. I’d recommend voicing your support for this feature over on the issue.

Your post is also helpful for CockroachDB to track which ORMs are most in demand. Thanks for the question!