Finally a GUI like pgAdmin as soon as possible?

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is there a fix date when CockroachDB users will receive a GUI comparable to pgAdmin with SQL instructions and all that other necessary things? The current SQL Client of CockroachDB is like you would use Excel without a GUI 30 years ago. The CockroachDB community is waiting for this feature since more than 1 year. Postico, DBeaver and all that stuff is not an adequate solution. Please implement an appropriate GUI. It can’t be that hard. It’s really necessary and elementary to work much faster with CockroachDB.

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Thank you for sharing your feedback with CRL. I’m the product manager most closely aligned with PG compatibility and, in this case, supporting third-party tools like pgAdmin. We are currently in our planning stage for our next release (2.1) coming in October 2018. We plan to take significant strides to unblock many third-party tools like pgAdmin. You can follow along on GitHub issue 15441. It would also be helpful for me to understand how you plan to use pgAdmin and why options like Postico and DBeaver aren’t sufficient for your use case.


As people already disscused in this Github issue, because non of these solutions are 100% compatible with CockroachDB. The best way would be if you integrate, at least, the most important things like create, edit, delete tables, rows, colums with their data types, indexes, relations, user management (all that basic stuff) within your Admin UI. October is really far away from now. Is there no quicker way for those basic things?

Speaking as a sometimes developer of things that need a database I don’t understand the pressing need for a pointy, clicky GUI interface to “create, edit, delete tables, rows, colums with their data types, indexes relations, user management” and so on.

Pretty much always these things can be scripted in a very short time. With the bonus that one does not need to do all that manual pointy, clicky GUI work again, and get it right, when one wants to recreate the set up.

I’m very happy if the Cockroach team invest their effort into developing actual useful features and fixing whatever issues there are with what exists now. Which they have demonstrated they are very good at by the way.

Perhaps I’m missing a point here.

You are right, theoretically I could use my whole computer like in the 80s with the command line and write scripts for every stuff. But now we have 2018 and every big database provider has a GUI, because visualization is for humans easier and faster to capture things. Otherwise you could ask yourself why you even need an Admin UI to overview your cluster? Ask the state of your cluster via the command line/script…

I’m agreed with you, CockroachDB makes a fantastic job in all that other things!

You could take a look at dbvisualizer. Nathan, aka @bitmechanic is already working on a plugin for that. Maybe he can share his work on this. The tool is a real nice database frontend, multi database and multi platform with great graphing power. I used it a lot on Oracle and M$

@ik_zelf thanks for that hint!

Hi Thomas. I have started a CockroachDB profile for DbVis. Currently the profile lists the databases and their tables and views. You can click a table or view and see the data in a grid. You can also see the DDL to create the table or view. In addition for tables you can see their associated indexes. I still have a lot to do (and little time). I hope to start working on it again in about a week. If you are interested you can learn more about writing DbVis profiles at this link.

@ThomasLohmann This is the most frustrating aspect of cockroach. I’ve replied to all their tickets begging for this. Not so much begging for them to create a UI, but to improve their comparability with PG so that existing tooling works.

They keep punting it. Now it’s out to Oct `18. I agree with you completely that modern developers expect, or require these tools for the day to day. I think the engineers at Cockroach feel so comfortable with command line that they forget the rest of us developers are not. Sure I could google my way around it, SQL isn’t hard. But why? Why does every other database out there put so much effort into making sure there are good UI tooling for their software? Probably because it’s way more efficient, and an absolute requirement to gain market share.

Anyway, love the Cockroach team, love their product, this is one area where they are under-estimating how much this is pushing business away from them.

Hi @bladefist, thanks for the interest in Cockroch! You make an excellent point about the importance of compatibility with the larger PG ecosystem, and this is a stance most of the engineers at Cockroach share.

The reason that getting these tools up and running has taken time is that they often stress a huge amount of PG’s surface area. As such, in order to get them working with Cockroach we need to achieve parity with a significant number of Postgres features - features that have been developed over a span of 20 years. This parity ranges from mirroring the PG wire protocol to mirroring its syntax, its internal schema hierarchy, its introspection catalogs, its error handling behavior across various scenarios, and a number of more esoteric features and PG idiosyncrasies. This has been a long climb, but we are still actively moving in the right direction. For instance, just last night we landed a major change that implements, which should move us one more large step closer to full compatibility.

You also brought up the Oct `18 estimation. The reason for this is because that is the tentative date for our next major release. This release is slated to have support for a new query optimizer which is actively under development and can be followed here. This new optimizer will allow us to overcome some of the few remaining hurdles (notably correlated subqueries) on our way to compatibility with a number of tools.

TLDR; we hear you, we agree, and we’re actively working on it!

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@nathan thanks for the explanation and I can appreciate the complexity involved. I think this is the right answer when people bring up these issues. Answers like “just use command line” or “postico works for mac” make us think this is low priority. (Not that any Roachers said that explicitly)

Coming from a SQL Server background, I’m used to SQL Manager Studio…it’s hard to go back to command line :frowning:. I mean even if I don’t use their designers, having the tabbed query interface w/ the grid of data from my query is awesome. I don’t know about you, but I live and die by tabs.

Thanks for the update. Love what you guys are doing. Looking forward to joining the ecosystem.

To help my self doing a CRUD on CockroachDB, I started this repository : CRDE, it’s doesn’t have any admin function yet but i hope have enough free time to continue the development.
Feel free to play around with it, any suggestion or advise are very welcome.

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Thanks for sharing @sams, it’s always cool to see what developers are able to build on top of CockroachDB!

To update the core of this issue - recent changes will allow CockroachDB 2.0 to work seamlessly with pgweb. The tool can be used to visualize database schemas (tables, views, sequences, etc.) and the rows that back them. It can also be used to modify individual rows or to issue arbitrary queries against a database and spit out the result in a variety of data formats. Pgweb is cross-platform and is very easy to install, so I hope that it can be a useful tool to address the needs voiced in this thread.


In case anyone is interested I have uploaded my first pass of a CockroachDB profile for DbVisualizer Pro (this is a paid for product…). It currently provides read only functionality for CockroachDB 2.

Screenshot uploaded so you can see the direction I am going. Please let me know of any feedback you may have.

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now hope Roger will accept this for the main release of dbvis.
Nice work!

Yes sure go for manipulate a database using a GUI and you will miss a whole bunch of stuff. Namelly: have the schema in a revision control system, have code review on it, and so on. Unless you are doing some primary school project stay away from a GUI schema editor.

I already mentioned on Github but in case you’re missing out, TablePlus released its official support for CockroachDB recently. Have a look at it here:

Github issue:

I tested some clients, a good one is ‘’.
Like you know, the blocking element to work with Cockroach is the table view.

Hi All,

Dbeaver 5.2.0 beta ( now works with a specific Cockroach driver. Please give it a go and let us know what you think! If you run into any issues you can let me know (


Hey Andy,

I have had a bit of a play and it connects to an insecure installation OK. Was able to create a new database and do an INSERT and a SELECT. However as soon as I start trying to use the grids to edit any data I get the attached error.