Floating IP addresses

For OnPremise, What if the IP address changes ? How does the system react ?

  • If there is a single place all servers register, so that i can i notify everyone in the cluster ?

Hi there,

While this is not an official answer, as far as I am aware if you advertise your nodes using a DNS address instead of the IP address directly the cluster should be able to continue working if the IP address of a node changes (as long as the DNS record is updated at the same time).

E.g. If you have a node at db01.db.mydomain.tld with IP and the IP address changes to, the cluster will continue to work if the DNS record for db01 is updated straight away to the new IP address.

Though as with any server setup it is recommended that you have a fixed IP for the lifetime of the server.

The best way to see how the cluster reacts would be to setup a local cluster on a dev machine using docker and then updating the IP address of one of the nodes.

Hope this helps!


Indeed. I do not use IP addresses in my roach cluster, only domain names. DNS does the job it should.

Mind you, I have not tried changing an IPO address while the cluster is up. But I’m pretty sure it would handle it.

It’s a simple test to do I guess.