Get last write/remove (update table) timestamp?

Is there a way to get the timestamp of the last transaction ( write/remove )

Hey @darshanl37,

Unsure what you’re requesting here - can you clarify? You want the timestamp of the last read or write attempt?



I want the timestamp of the last write attempt.
I would also like the timestamp if an entry was deleted from the database.
Is there any provision that would let me do so?


can you tell us how you would program this in your client app?

we have very rare writes in the database and every time there is a write I was to trigger a backup

What you need is another feature we call “CDC” - Change Data Capture.
It’s a way for your monitoring system to subscribe to every change that happens to a table, the change events get pushed to your external monitoring, and you can trigger a backup every time the CDC feature signals a change to your rarely modified data.

This will be available in 2.1.

I will ask around to see if we have any public information we can share with you about this upcoming feature.

Hi @darshanl37 - the documentation @knz referenced can be found here. Basically you’d create a changefeed that will post a message to a kafka topic whenever the table is updated. You’d then need to consume the message and trigger your backup.

It’s worth noting that at the moment the core version of CDC is not ready for testing, so you’d need a trial enterprise license to test. You can start a 30 day trial here if you’d like to go that route.