Get nearest locations by lat long

my requirement is to get all data nearest to a certain point (lat, long). i-e i have list of users with lat long and i want to get all those user nearest to my location (lat, long) any suggestion how we can achieve this in cockroach database?

@muhammad.habib we’re tracking this feature request - the issue to follow is below. I added your use case there.

Ah, looks like you beat me to it.

@tim-o as this feature request is in progress. any idea when you add this feature in cockroachdb or you have to decide yet either you are going to add this feature or not.

meanwhile is there any work around using cockroachdb to get location based queries ?

@muhammad.habib, it’s a frequent enough ask that at this point, we’ve targeted it for release in 20.1 (Spring 2020).

It’s important to note that targets are not a commitment, but it’s our best estimate given what’s on our plate and the resources we have today. Geospatial indexing is not a small request. As we get closer to 20.1 we’ll be more comfortable determining whether it’s in or out for that release. The best place to comment and keep track of status is on #19313.