Getting Invalid Cluster Name while trying to connect to Cloud using my client app or DBeaver

I have a Client App (Striim) that I am using to connect to CockroachDB Cloud using JDBC. It failed - I then tried with DBeaver - that is also giving the same error.

I am able to connect using the cockroach shell.

The error message is

Failure in connecting to Database with url : jdbc:postgresql://–cluster=bubbly-mule username : sai ErrorCode : 0;SQLCode : 08004;SQL Message : FATAL: CodeParamsRoutingFailed: rejected by BackendConfigFromParams: Invalid cluster name

When using cockroach sell, the cluster name has a number added to it – whereas in the GUI, the name of the cluster is without the number - I tried both.

Any suggestions?



Hi Sai!

The number after the cluster name is the tenant ID, which is an important part of the connection string. In the connection string you shared above, the tenant ID (numbers after the name) is missing. Did you try connecting with those numbers included?


HI Lauren

Thank you for responding. I did try with both options. i.e. with options=–cluster=bubbly-mule-2318 and with options=–cluster=bubbly-mule.

Both were giving the same error.

I tried using DBeaver to see if that can work. This is how the values are assigned in DBeaver


Port: 26257
Authentication - Database Native
Username: sai
Password : ****
Local Clients - PostgreSQL 13.2

Use SSL - Checked
CA Certificate – location of the file downloaded from CockroachDB - cc-ca.cer

SSL-Mode - Verify Fully

On Test Connection, I get the error

FATAL: CodeParamsRoutingFailed: rejected by BackendConfigFromParams: Invalid cluster name

Must be doing something wrong.

Any suggestions?



Hm, you should be able to use the information on the “Connection Parameters” tab on the connection modal in CockroachCloud Console to connect to a free tier cluster with DB Beaver. The only thing I can see missing in the above data you provided is the database field. Are you putting the database name in the “Database” field on the “Main” tab?


I did have the database parameter populated but had it as bank – not as

That did the trick with DBeaver.

I then changed the JDBC URL for my Striim App as


That worked. I guess the error message was a bit “erroneous”. - LOL.

Maybe the docs can be updated with the need to add the Cluster name in front of the database name? Maybe it is already there and hidden somewhere.

Thank you for your help. Please close the ticket.


Yay! I’m glad you were able to connect successfully.

I’ll pass along your feedback about the database parameter to the docs team. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it!