Go 1.8 landing this week

Hear ye, hear ye,

I will be landing https://github.com/cockroachdb/cockroach/pull/13673 which upgrades CockroachDB’s CI and build system to Go 1.8 later this week. CockroachDB will continue to compile with Go 1.7. However, work done on the UI and any work involving protocol buffer changes will have to be done with Go 1.8 due to a change to “compress/flate” which changes the output of gzip (used in the generated protocol buffer code and in the UI’s “embedded.go”).

What are the arguments for supporting 1.7? The upcoming query cancellation feature would be much cleaner without needing to support 1.7. (And, if we refuse to use build tags, it will be impossible due to needing to implement an interface with a new concrete type in a package in the standard library.)

There is no plan to support 1.7 long term, as far as I’m aware. I was only clarifying that the upgrade to 1.8 itself won’t break compilation with 1.7, but there’s no reason not to make backwards-incompatible changes in the future.

The intention was to allow a grace period for folks to upgrade their toolchains.

If you intend to make 1.7-incompatible changes, please remember to send a PSA and change .go-version to disallow 1.7.

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