Group of nodes?


I’ve a question, just theoretically though: I’ve 3 datacenter A B C around the world, workload on A is larger than B and C, so
In A, have 7 nodes
In B, have 3 nodes
In C, have 3 nodes

Can A get down without killing the whole cluster, I imagine as A B C is a group and are equal, one could gone down just fine ? could it be solve by introduce “group” or put weight to nodes ?

Thanks :smiley:

Hi Chuong,

You might want to check our production checklist, which includes topology recommendations. You’d want to set a locality per datacenter, so that we can automatically balance ranges across DCs. That would ensure that if a DC goes down, we’ll have two other replicas to recover from. This is a separate question, though, from whether or not you’d be able to manage A’s entire workload with only B and C within your requirements; you’d have to test that by generating a representative workload and seeing how B and C behave without A to help.

Hope that helps!