Gssapi authentication with dbeaver or dbvisualizer

I am trying to find out how to connect with dbeaver or dbvisualizer or some similar tool on windows pc’s, to a GSS enabled cockroach db. I have psql connections working from my PC. But these tools all use jdbc under the covers and then require some configuration in preferences, hidden ini files etc.


If you check on DBEaver you will be able to find support for Cockroach DB was added since 5.2

Cockroach DB has a Doc for it:

I have dbeaver connecting to my database if I use a database user that is excluded from gssapi. But for users that are not excluded, thus required to authenticate via GSS I cannot get dbeaver or dbvisualizer to connect…

From dbeaver…

GSS Authentication failed
No LoginModules configured for pgjdbc


You might want to check on the following link:

Now the GSS seems to be an enterprise feature, so you might be better opening a request with Support for these if you are paying for Cockroach DB Enterprise license.

here is another link from Postgres about connections, it has a section for GSSAPI