Help! My CRDB AdminUI cannot work

I think the AdminUI of CRDB has some problem. Today when I add a wrong configurated node into my work fine cluster, My admin ui cannot work. Even I stop the bad node, It cannot recovery. But the SQL client is OK. Admin UI is can be login, but cannot fetch the node list, or any other Merics. The frontend error include some 401 error, somethime 500 gate way error. In the background logs file, I can found the server continuesly connect the bad server’s ip address, but inface the server is already dead and gone, hardly and long. I also use the cockroach node status command check the node, there is not include the bad node, but some null record.

As this situation, I cannot check status and info of the cluster, So I hope someone , anyone please give me some advice to recovery from this issur thanks!!.

Hi! Just to be sure, can you check if you are connecting to a port specified in the --http-addr flag for a live node and not the dead node?