How can I get all node messages in the cluster?

Hi, I want to get all node messages in the cluster such as “ip:port”.

I know there are some ways to get this message which are not the best choice because of some reasons:

  1. Admin UI (I want to get these messages by shell/python but not by UI. Using this restful API have to login first and then it will check the session validation on sever side.)
  2. ./cockroach node status ... (It requires ROOT user privileges which I couldn’t get. The grpc API need to check CA certificate but I just got the username and password )

Is there another way to get all nodes’s ip:port in cluster without CA certificate or using Admin UI?

Hi @xiaolanzao66,

I’m not fully sure I understand what you’re asking here:

What are you trying to accomplish? What messages are you referring to?



The message about all node’s address in the cluster:


Hey @xiaolanzao66,

You may want to check out this doc, it will walk you through how to set up monitoring your cluster with Prometheus.