How can the feature "backup and restore" guarantee the completeness of backup data?

I have a trouble, if I backup a table and restore it into another cluster, How can I confirm the two table is identical and similar in every detail . Maybe the new table is Incomplete. whether can cockroach provide a function like checksum for table ? then I can be sure, the backup an restore is OK .

The RESTORE job guarantees that all data in a snapshot has been loaded into a range on at least one node in order for it to be marked as successful. Once those ranges have finished up-replicating, you would have a fully-consistent restore.

We use backup-and-restore to load test fixture data as part of continuous load-tests of our code. These code-paths are well-exercised.

There are hash functions built into CockroachDB, however there aren’t any aggregate hashing functions. It would be a relatively straightforward process to write a small program which verifies your restored data by performing a full table scan in deterministic order and comparing hashes of row information.

It was pointed out to me that there exists an experimental feature in the 2.1 branch which can fingerprint an entire table.


It’s also possible to hack together an aggregate hashing function, using fnv64 in this case:

select xor_agg(fnv64(col)) from tbl;

Thank you very much. it really helped me.