How to enable the "info" level log?

I have been having trouble with me for a long time.How to enable the “info” level log? :grin:

Hi @xiaolanzao66 ,

I’m not sure I follow entirely. We do allow users to change log verbosity using the cockroach start command. Take a look at --log-file-verbosity on that page.

Let me know if that helps!

@xiaolanzao66, statements guarded by log.V(n) can be enabled on a per-file basis with --vmodule=filename=n, for example in this case --vmodule=outbox=3. It can be done globally with --verbosity=n, but I don’t recommend doing that as it will make a lot of log output. Note that adding vmodules can appreciably lower performance of CockroachDB, so it shouldn’t be turned on in production as a matter of course.

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