How to handle special character in data


How to handle Special character in cockroachdb

I am getting below error when running a select sql on a table. One of the column is showing this error. We have imported the data from csv file and the csv file is showing data properly. How to handle this while importing -

org.jkiss.dbeaver.model.exec.DBCException: SQL Error [22000]: Invalid character data was found. This is most likely caused by stored data containing characters that are invalid for the character set the database was created in. The most common example of this is storing 8bit data in a SQL_ASCII database.

Hi Piyush! Does this work when you try against a different database?

I think we’d need a little more information in order to say how this should handled.

  • Can you paste the full error stack trace?
  • How big is the data you are importing? Is there any chance you can find the problematic part of it and share a small example that reproduces the issue?
  • Can you share the table schema you are importing into, using SHOW CREATE TABLE? (please remove confidential names)