How to increase QPS

I created a 3 node cluster using AWS.

The we I do the test is, using 500 goroutines reading from a channel and randomly do insertion on those three nodes. And using a ticker to let 100 goroutines to feed that channel 5k messages every second. ( trying to simulate a 5k QPS)

So the result I got is the picture. No matter what I tried, the QPS on the dashboard is around 3k, and only one node seems really working.

The IOPS is only 1k, I attached two 300G EBS on the main one and using two --store when I start the server. So I don’t think that’s disk problem.

My targeting is to reach 8k QPS.

Hi @noMoon,

Apologies for the delay, we missed your message.

What’re the schema and DML? It’s likely that you’re running into transaction contention. If we knew more about the schema and workload we may be able to help you avoid it.