How to remove the nodes from Decommissioned Nodes list?

I created a node to join the existing cluster with some wrong parameters (I set the same host name in the two servers), so I want to remove this node permanently. I executed the command below after I terminated the service,

cockroach node decommission 5 --wait=live --certs-dir=certs --host=60.x.x.x

and then I can see the node 5 was moved into the Decommissioned nodes list in admin UI. Could someone please tell me how to completely remove node 5, so that it shall be disappeared in the decommissioned nodes list of admin UI ?

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Hi @levifan,

What version of CockroachDB are you running? If you’re on a beta version of 2.0, you simply need to shut down the node (cockroach quit --certs-dir=certs --host=60.x.x.x). After that, it should soon disappear from the admin UI and from the cockroach node ls/status output. If you’re running 1.1, you can shut down the node but as far as I know, it’s not possible to get it to disappear from the admin UI.


Thanks @jesse, the CockroachDB version is 1.1.6.

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Hi! I have the same problem. My version is 1.1.6 I must say that in my case IP of Decommissioned Nodes the same IP of running nodes. It happened because I passed different paths to store. In first case it was --store=path=/opt/cockroach-cluster/cockroach-data and then --store=path=/opt/cockroach-cluster/cocroach-data