How will using very big servers affect my CockroachDB cluster

I am looking to set up a cluster of about 5 servers, each with the specs below:

  • 32TB
    -64 vCPUs
  • 768 GB RAM

I know this goes against what the docs say here that the maximum recommended server storage is 2.5TiB

I’d like someone to shed some light on how my cluster will be affected by using these super large servers instead of many smaller ones.

All suggestions/views are welcome.

Thank you :smiley:

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Hey Ernest,

Our current reference for using big servers is to fence the underlying hardware into hardware partitions up to 48 vCPUs using virtualization.

2.5TB is our current node density. We have not done enough testing beyond this to guarantee stability.

The bigger issue is disk IO. A 64 core system will need nearly 2 GB/s disk throughput, which is not easy. Getting a server configured in a balanced manner at 64 core level may have challenges.

With this kind of setup, I would strongly recommend that you get in contact with our sales engineers, they have great expertise in this area and would be able to provide the best guidance.
If you’re willing, could you DM me your contact info and I could get you in touch with our sales engineers.