Hypothetical question on load balancing

This is more of a hypothetical question, but I have a curiosity about CockroachDB, and how it is different than Spanner.

Suppose that for some random reason, a single node that is a leader of several raft groups start to get overloaded with queries. Will that node somehow try to reduce its load by assigning other nodes as the leader?

And I have a curiosity on if this is any different on Spanner? GCP seems to almost instantly be able to increase the node count on a cluster. Would it not take a lot of time and effort to rebalance the cluster after more nodes are added?

Looks like I kind of found my answer with “kv.allocator.qps_rebalance_threshold”. Thank you for the awesome database anyway. :slight_smile:

I am still curious to understand how Spanner is able to scale so quickly.