I can make install with source

can you help me to solve problem?

@matdieuhau - if you read the error messages, it says GOPATH is not set and could not be automatically determined. Are you following the instructions here? https://www.cockroachlabs.com/docs/stable/install-cockroachdb-mac.html#build-from-source-1 Are you sure you have go installed?

If you’re certain you have the prereqs and you’re following the instructions, you can make sure the GOPATH is present by running $ echo "export GOPATH=<YourGoDirectory>" >> .bash_profile

I set mine up like this: $ echo "export GOPATH=~/go" >> .bash_profile and I’ve never run into this issue compiling.

hi Tim-o
i have installed go and install all requirement and do command like you
but the same mistake continue appearing
can you have me?

hi tim-o
i have some command on Makefile to debug
in the picture, i run make build and GOPATH is set
but with sudo make install command GOPATH is empty
can you help me?

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@matedieuhau I had similar problem and later came to know that $go env and $sudo go env calls different env.

You can resolve this problem by updating your env which was called via sudo

like this: $sudo go env -w GOPATH=your_path