Implement isolation

Hi everyone.
I read isolation of CokckroachDB here
I have questions:
Why you use isolation is serializable for cockroachDB ? and How you implemented isolation serializable? and How do you achieve serializable levels ?

Hey @AJPham,

We use SERIALIZABLE isolation because CockroachDB falls into a CP (Consistent and Partition Tolerant) in the CAP theorem. So using SERIALIZABLE isolation is one part of how CRDB is able to keep the data consistent by controlling concurrency. As the doc you mentioned also points out, SERIALIZABLE isolation also levels protect against concurrency based attacks.

We have a blog post on CRDB and CAP which can be found here.

As for how we implemented this, I would suggest reading through our achritescture documents which can be found here and if you have any specific questions I’d be happy to answer them.