Import CSV does not work with MINIO S3 Store


I was trying to use the new Import CSV feature using our internal MINIO S3 Store. However, when I try to run the command, it appears that CRDB is looking for AWS host?

pq: could not find s3 bucket’s region: RequestError: send request failed
caused by: dial tcp: lookup on no such host

Would it be possible for the import to respect the S3 protocol without actually looking for AWS hosts?


Hi @ramkumarkb. It does seem like that should be possible. I’ve created an
issue so we can prioritize this, feel free to chime in with any additional

We’ve just merged support for this. The next alpha release should have it. We’d be interested in any feedback after you try it. Thanks for the suggestion.

@mjibson Thank you so much for the fix. As soon as the Alpha release is available I will test it with our internal S3 Minio Server. A large number of CSV files today are stored there and it would be a good test for this feature.

On a slightly related topic, is there a way to ignore the 1st record while doing the CSV imports. I have large CSV files and am finding myself to remove the 1st record of these CSV before I can import them to CRDB.

Thanks again!

No, currently there’s no way to ignore the first row.

@ramkumarkb, out of curiosity, do you want to skip the first row because
it’s a header row or for some other reason?

@dan Yes, most of the export scripts from databases like Oracle, export CSV with the column names as the first row. I could not figure out how to use the comment option (in the Import) to achieve this.

Yeah, totally reasonable. I filed an issue for an option to skip a header