Import data into the cluster failed before doing the sysbench test

I deploy a cockroachdb cluster on three machines. An error occurred during I importing data into the cluster before I did the sysbench test. The error described as below pictures.

import data command:

The error described as below pictures.

Hi Xiang,

Was anything happening in the cluster when this was running? Did any nodes go down?

A node went down during the process, and then I rejoined it to the cluster.

I see. The “result is ambigous” error can happen in rare cases where an operation fails and we’re not sure if another host we were talking to actually committed it or not; but I’m not sure of the exact conditions. I am looping in someone with more expertise with these errors.

Hi Xiang,

The “result is ambiguous” error is indeed returned in cases where we’re not sure whether a transaction committed or not, and the client needs to manually resolve the ambiguity (e.g. read the data that it was previously trying to write to see if it has been committed or not).
These errors are quite unfortunate and we’re constantly trying to minimize the cases where they occur. It shouldn’t occur when the cluster is happy. Does this happen repeatedly to you? If so, would you mind providing reproduction instructions to us?