Import fails when csv file is empty

import TABLE group_discovery (
groupid bigint NOT NULL,
parent_group_prototypeid bigint NOT NULL,
name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
lastcheck integer NOT NULL,
ts_delete integer NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (groupid)
csv data (‘nodelocal:///Users/ronr/Documents/werk/zabbix/data/group_discovery.csv’)
with temp=‘nodelocal:///tmp/tmp.txt’, nullif = ‘\N’;
pq: could not get first key
Error: pq: could not get first key
Failed running “sql”

mentioned csv file contains no data.

running v 1.1.1 on osx
same problem with Server version: CockroachDB CCL v1.2-alpha.20171026 (darwin amd64, built 2017/10/26 20:10:00, go1.9)

Hi Ronald!

thank you for reporting this issue. Filed as

Oh I didn’t see this thread. This issue was also filed yesterday as, so @knz I marked
yours as a duplicate.

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