Import fails when input csv is empty

drop table if exists group_discovery;
import TABLE group_discovery (
groupid bigint NOT NULL,
parent_group_prototypeid bigint NOT NULL,
name varchar(64) NOT NULL,
lastcheck integer NOT NULL,
ts_delete integer NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (groupid)
csv data (‘nodelocal:///Users/ronr/Documents/werk/zabbix/data/group_discovery.csv’)
with temp=‘nodelocal:///tmp/tmp.txt’, nullif = ‘\N’;
pq: could not get first key
Error: pq: could not get first key
Failed running “sql”

input file is empty

still using 1.1.1

Hello Ronald,

our apologies for reacting so late to this issue.
We have fixed this bug in and intend to release this fix in CockroachDB v2.0. I hope you can try it out!
If you have any comment or question, let us know.

Hi Raphael,
no worries, I already tested this in the alpha releases and it works as hoped for now.