Import PGDUMP failing with storage scheme error

PgDump taken for the full database without any changes

Before proceeding with the import creating the target database and connecting to it.

create database zabbixp;
use zabbixp;

root@****/zabbixp> IMPORT PGDUMP ‘/cockroach-data/extern/zabbixp_dump.sql’;
pq: unsupported storage scheme: “”


are you using the nodelocal syntax?

See this.


You need to run the following and make sure the local file is in a folder called extern on every nodes store.


import pgdump 'nodelocal:///zabbixp_dump.sql';
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Thanks Matt,

I found out the same already:

IMPORT TABLE history FROM PGDUMP ‘nodelocal:/history_dump.sql’;


Awesome, let me know if you have any other questions.


Hey nice to see that I am not the only one who tried to get zabbix running on cockroachDB. Too bad that the authors of zabbix are not interested …

As of now just doing POC on CockroachDB, there was no real reason to use Zabbix, but the size of the database and the datatypes

Hi Ronald,

We are using your Zabbix plugging for cockroachDB, it is great. I do want to see if you have some time so we can add few extra steps to the documentation related to pyenv as it will be great if you can add a couple of steps to verify and set the globals value before installing dependencies also performing pip upgrade was required.

Let me know if I can send you an email about the metrics and the messages we see in the logs, would like to get confirmation that what we set is right and that we are getting all metrics. I saw a message that out of 200+ metrics only 50 got uploaded.

Also on regards of installation, it does requires details about zabbix extensions needed like zabbix-sender.

Over all we love the fact that we have something pre-build to monitor and check on cockroachdb on zabbix.


Hi Ignacio,

thanks for letting me know. Since cockroach still does not expose a lot of info reachable for sql queries, I wonder how smart it is at this moment to use my plugin for this. I would love to help you but for cockroachDB, at this moment, might be a better option. You can tie that to zabbix.
I still hope that the metrics that are exposed to prometheus will also become available for an SQL client. A ticket for this is open for ages.

Hi Roland,

Thanks a lot for the link and documentation about monitoring via Prometheus, I was able to set it up and already working, will look into the integration with Zabbix with our development team.


Hi Roland,

How did you manage to fix issue about:
PGRES_FATAL_ERROR:ERROR: the configuration setting “escape_string_warning” is not supported
HINT: This feature is not yet implemented in CockroachDB.

That’s a long time ago. As far as I can find in I made some minor changes to the zabbix code to not do that setting.

did you encounter any issues on zabbix after changing the file? If there is not much trouble can you please share details of the changes made to the file. We want to give this a try and make sure Zabbix works smoothly on CocroachDB.


Hi Ignacio,
it came down to skipping checks for postgres. Sadly enough I do not have those things available anymore. I might have posted it in the zabbix forum. Since no one seemed to be interested I trashed it all (my changes) After that, a few queries popped up as slow queries in the zabbix_server.log. A little restructuring of them was enough to get them running again.
The biggest problem I foresee is the maintenance on the data. In postgres with timescaleDB this is simplified to dropping partitions. I think this will be a challenge with CDB.