Invalid table size in admin-ui

I have 3 tables in a database in my cluster.
For two of those tables the admin-ui database tab displays the size and number of ranges.
But for the third one, size is always 0 B and ranges stuck to 1 while I know this table is filled with many rows. A select count(*) from table2; returns :

(1 row)

Time: 1.438563577s

However the number of columns and indices is correct.
I am using cockroach v19.1.4

Hey @zqsd

That is an interesting issue. Let’s start with getting the basic information. What version of CockroachDB are you currently using for this cluster? Is this particular database configured in any special way, with zone configurations or with partitions on this table? Also, please send the screenshots of the AdminUI so we can compare and make sure we are both on the same page as far as what part of the UI you are referencing.

Let me know if you have any questions.


And here the database tab :

There is nothing critical. Data is still accessible and cluster works fine.
It just makes it a bit hard to estimate data usage and cluster growth.

Thanks for your answer.
My cluster is pretty a basic one: three nodes and no zone configuration or partitions. 40% cache and 40% max sql memory. All nodes are using v19.1.4

Here is the cluster overview :

Hey @zqsd

Can you please send the debug zip of the cluster over to us? You would need to upload the zip file in a location we can access, or one can be created if necessary. Also, please send a copy of the network report from the AdminUI so we can confirm all nodes are communicating well. Finally, please connect to the AdminUI from each node in your cluster, and take a look at the Database and Table size from each node, providing us with a screenshot from each.


The network report seems okay even thought there is a value in red :

Database table size is the same from each node’s admin ui, I have sent a screenshot from each by PM, along with the debug zip.