Is Cockroach DB Good for an Enterprise Software

The use case is to maintain inventory of multiple outlets and bills of all the orders over many outlets and 100s to 1000s of bills a day over each outlet and 10s and even 100s of outlets. Also we have to do some amount of processing over all the data for analytics purposes in the future.

CockroachDB’s strong consistency, correctness, and availability are especially important to billing applications. The database can also be deployed with your application on cloud or on customer premises.

CockroachDB is able to process ever growing number of outlets and orders easily. We do this by incrementally scaling horizontally. The incremental scalability addresses both the data volume and concurrent processing required to process large number of outlets and bills. has more info on technical capabilities.

You can also request a TechTalk to discuss the application requirements in detail and learn more about capabilities you need at

Thank you for your quick response, I was checking and there has to be a lot more optimization done on Joins, would I be able to build a normalized system and then do joins efficiently and low latency in Cockroach DB.


CockroachDB has number of features to make joins efficient:

OLTP systems are characterized by normalized schema and strict response time SLA. CockroachDB is an excellent choice for these workloads


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