Is it possible to fail out a region when running in only 2 regions?

I am testing a 6 node cockroachdb cluster which is running in 2 AWS regions (3 in east, 3 in west). I have set replication to 5 as well as 6 while trying to fail out a region. I understand that the docs say “… clusters that lose a majority of replicas stop responding…” ( However, I still want confirmation that it is or is not possible to have a cockroachdb cluster in only 2 regions and be able to fail out either region. In a 6 node Cassandra cluster (3 in east, 3 in west with replication factor of 3 per region), I can fail out a region and the cluster is still readable and writeable. If having 3 regions is a must in order to be able to fail out one region, please confirm. If not, please make suggestions :slight_smile:

Hi @fat0,

Thanks for your interest in CockroachDB. In order for CockroachDB to survive the loss of a region, you must have at least 3 regions. You can still use 6 nodes in total by assigning 2 nodes to each region, but a 6-node database will become unresponsive if 3 nodes die.

I hope this helps! Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have other questions.

– Becca