Is there a recommended OS platform for CockroachDB?

Since I’m having trouble getting the database running on CentOS (my preferred server environment), I thought I’d use whatever other people are actually running this thing on.

Are there any statistics available on what people are running on?

What OS is the test suite running on? That would obviously be the most rigorously tested one.

The issues you are observing and which you have reported in the other forum thread are not specific to a particular OS. These are either network configuration mishaps or issues we will help you investigate, and perhaps issues we need to fix. I don’t think there is any evidence yet that CentOS is causing more trouble than any other OS here.

To answer your question specifically we run our test suite on various Linux distributions, including Ubuntu and CentOS, as well as MacOS X and FreeBSD. There have been reports of successful builds and runs in other environments as well.

That said, sometimes there are differences, like the fact that some Debian installs do funny things in /etc/hosts (and some of the symptoms you’re seeing in the CentOS thread look similar), so removing that variable might be helpful. We currently have more experience and test coverage with the Debian family than the Red Hat family. Our primary test clusters are a mix of Debian 8 (Jessie) and Ubuntu 14.04 (moving to 16.04 for newly-created stuff).

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thanks guys. I’ll put together a small cluster on Ubuntu and see if I have the same issues