It is too slow to create index!

I wanted to try TPC-H on CockroachDB that spent my whole afternoon to create index on only 1GB data for test.

There are 3 nodes in my cluster whose hardware is not bad.

It is too slow to do shema changes.

@sydnever yes schema changes are slow at the moment. We have plans to fix it on the roadmap but those fixes are not slated for the next release. The plans will probably role out into the 1.3 release. The relevant issue is . Please do add your comments to the issue. Thank you for your patience.

A workaround I use is to export the data via CSV (or since you are using tpch, just start with its CSV data), add an index to a create table statement, then use to do a fast import of the data, which includes indexes. It requires some more typing, but overall it is faster. (Our hope is to speed up schema changes using the same functionality that the IMPORT statement uses.)