Licencing for academic use

Hi all,

I’m really enthusiastic about Cockroach DB and I wish to use it in my Masters’ project.

The project will involve porting an existing biological/genomic database to Cockroach DB.

I’m just wondering about licence considerations. Can I use the full system (with source
code) for an academic project of this nature? Or am I restricted to using the core version
only? The project is totally not for profit or any other sort of gain (apart from my grades! :grin:).

I have to use software for which the source is available (although, not necessarily Open Source,
as in GPL’d or one of the Apache/*BSD/MIT or whatever).

Thanks in advance and rgs,


Hello Dragam,

That sounds like an exciting project!

If you have a need for enterprise features for this project, we do offer a free license for academic use. You’ll need to contact us to work out the details, see

But you may not need an enterprise license. Keep in mind, the vast majority of CockroachDB falls under core – currently only the enterprise BACKUP and RESTORE features require an enterprise license (CSV IMPORT can be used without one).

You might try just getting started with core, and if you run into a need for enterprise features, reach out to us for an academic license.

Looking forward to seeing what you build with CockroachDB!

That is a very fair response.

In the first instance, I want to get my system going with sample data and just have my PostgreSQL/Python and/or Java codebase (to be written! :frowning:) with that. After the project has taken wing (and I’m cruising towards a Nobel prize), I can ask about this! :wink:

OK, time to read some docco.


Hi, mate
I am still using cockroachdb to do my project, wanna have a chat?:grin:
Best Wishes