Listener regions / replicas

The natural progression of follower reads is a new type of replica that never participates in consensus but serves stale reads AS OF old timestamps. In multi-region deployments this could greatly speed up writes.

For example, I’d like to designate 2 regions as primary, with a mix of leader/follower replicas across them. Either region can fail, and the db will survive. Writes only require consensus across replicas in these 2 regions. In N other regions, I’d like to designate all replicas as listeners which never participate in the online write path, but can still serve stale reads.

Are there any plans to add this in CockroachDB?

Hi @dmac,

Currently, learner replicas are only used internally, and they are only in place until they get caught up, so you would not be able to use them for AS OF SYSTEM TIME queries.

At the moment, there is no active work being done on them at this time.