Looking for a real world CockroachDB usage experience on a large data set

Hi folks,

I am currently in the phase of evaluating CockroachDB as a primary data storage that may store tens of billions of records and data size may go to over a hundred of terabytes. The problem is I can’t find any good articles and users feedback on this database in the production environment especially longterm use with a large dataset. CockroachLab evaluation and articles may be reliable, but I tend to not to fully trust a manufacturer until proven to be a 100% reliable source. Anyway I would still be glad to talk to CockroachDB team. Nox VidMate


Hi @Babu, we’re always glad to talk with folks who are evaluating CockroachDB. We have folks on the sales team that can evaluate your proposed use case in more detail and see if it might be a good fit, based on our experiences with other large customers. https://www.cockroachlabs.com/pricing/contact-sales/

I know you might not want to get into the details of your project on an open platform. That said, it sounds from your message that you’re planning for growth, and CockroachDB allows you to scale out incrementally as your project gains success.

If you have specific technical questions or concerns, please ask here and I or another engineer will be happy to find you an answer.

It’s hard to make blanket statements as your dataset and usecases will likley differ from the next person looking to evaluate a DB.

We were in the same boat. We evaluated with our dataset on production branches of our code. We had to do a lot of refactoring with respect to our ORM SqlAlchemy but it’s been pretty good so far.

The evaluation license is pretty liberal. And the sales people are pretty nice.