Lost all my local dbs , where does cockroach store db files

I had to restart my mac for some hardware problem , then started my cockroach using following command cockroach start --insecure, I was able to see my dbs. Later for some reason, I had to restart terminal program and then tried to restart cockroach, it said port 8080 is already in use, so searched for process using that port , it was cockroach , hence killed that using kill command, cockroach was then able to start back on 8080 , but I don’t see any of my previous dbs or tables. Help me please …is there a specific location cockroach stores its db files on mac , I can restore dbs from ?

Never mind …I figured it out myself…was starting cockroach from different directory
than usual …I guess it creates db files in whichever directory you start it from…
logs: /Users/s.prabhu/cockroach-data/logs temp dir: /Users/s.prabhu/cockroach-data/cockroach-temp328158196 external I/O path: /Users/s.prabhu/cockroach-data/extern store[0]: path=/Users/s.prabhu/cockroach-data status: restarted pre-existing node clusterID: f4c7cdf3-c828-4300-a0b0-2cdb9e15a64d