Microsoft SQL Server 2017 vs CRDB

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 is available now fro Linux. Are there comparison with CRDB regarding concurrent use, locks, replication and cluster? How many concurrent users each of these bases can handle technologically. Requirements for cluster? MSSQL & cluster - is it possible? Probably in Azure?


At this time there are no comparisons available between SQL Server and CockroachDB. We may in the future set up a high-level feature comparison for marketing purposes but I am not aware of any plans to make any quantitative comparisons.

To understand if and how SQL Server supports clustering, I invite you to refer to the documentation provided by Microsoft directly - as you can imagine, Cockroach Labs does not routinely maintain copies of the technical specs of other databases, especially that of commercial products where the documentation may be subject to copyright and trademark protection.

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MS SQL in Azure is direct competitor to CRDB and you don’t track it? Management here is asking for comparison and I cannot justify CRDB?

Hey @thstart - we do track competitors and Azure. As I pointed out on chat, I think @knz was pointing out that we do not have a deliverable ready to hand over with point by point comparisons. We wouldn’t encourage that approach to determining whether or not CRDB is a good fit anyhow. It’s not as simple as saying x concurrent users with y hardware will deliver z performance.

If you have specific questions about how CRDB works, I’m happy to answer them. Above and from chat, I found these:

Let me know if I’ve missed anything.

Q: Requirements for cluster? You should minim CPU, Memory requirements
Q: MSSQL & cluster - is it possible? Probably in Azure? Does MSSQL has the same concept as cluster in CRDB?

@thstart Absolute minimum memory requirement is 2GB, as noted on the hardware recommendations page. I’ll work on getting a CPU requirement; it’s not a direct comparable, but some references I’ve found indicate m3.large instances run on two threads of a Xeon E5-2670 @ 2.5Ghz.

Rather than qualify the product via a forum issue, I want to reiterate that the best person to help arm you for a discussion with management (and answer questions about CRDB vs. Azure / SQL Server et al.) is Robert Lee, our head of Sales Engineering. I spoke with him about this, and he’s open to a conversation - you can contact him here:

We’d want to start by understanding what management is focused on and their criteria for justification. Are you open to starting a thread with Robert to get these questions answered and help your justification?

Nah, roaches run just fine with 1GB of RAM and a 1GHz 4 core ARM SoC. Like my Raspberry Pi cluster:

Not that I got as far as pushing their performance mind…

I don’t want to start a sales discussion. This is just a technical question. I don’t believe am the only one requesting this. I choosed CRDB, like the team - so helpful. From other side CRDB is too ambitious and I’m seeing fundamental issues which should be addressed before committing to go live in production.

Another issue regarding tech specs. I am using 3 mac-minis with 3Ghz Intel Core i7 and 16 GB. This spec shouldn’t be a problem because is powerful enough.

You have not understood the suggestion. We are not suggesting that you engage a sales discussion. We are recommending that you talk to our sales engineers who are the most expert employees when it comes to production problems and comparisons with other products. If you refuse to talk to them, you are refusing to talk to the only individuals who are able to provide you the answers you seek, at a level suitable for your management.