Migrate from postgresql to cockroachdb

I want to migrate from postgresql to cockroachdb.
I have pg_dump file (only data dump).
(command ex - pg_dump -f pg_dump_0903_2table.sql -F p -a -v -p 5441 -U postgres kmemmdb -t tvpn_vpn_config -t tses_service_management)

but the pg_dump file can’t read without “create table” in cockroachdb.
the error was

root@> import pgdump ‘nodelocal://1/pg_dump_0903_2table.sql’;
pq: no table definition found

Only ddl script pgdump file has many syntax error(problem). so I fixed it.
but data size was so big. so I can’t merge the ddl (that i fixed) with data dump.

Does it support importing only data from multiple tables?
I can’t find in documentation.

Hey @yeri

I would suggest taking a look at the Migrate from Postgres in order to ensure that all the necessary changes are being made, as we suggest in the documentation, specifically for CREATE TABLE statements.

Let me know if there are any other questions.